Let’s Celebrate Our Pets

Considering the fact that my blog tagline is Deconstructing Political Spin, I imagine that this post seems a rather odd ‘first diary.’

Regardless, I decided to post this dairy because my respite from the ‘rough and tumble of politics’ is my love for pets and music.

[Video Slideshow Credit: DogRatandCat, English Springer Spaniels, YouTube, 4:20]

I hope this lovely video slideshow tribute to the English Springer, set to the Phil Collins song “You’ll Be In My Heart,” brings a smile to your face.

This is a tribute to all pets–past and present. And it would be most gratifying to me, if readers were to take this opportunity to honor their pets by posting comments, videos, pictures–whatever.

So on behalf of Mr. HNPS and myself, I pay tribute to all of our pets, over our entire lifetimes.  They were/are:

Mickey, Lucky, Panda, Yogi, Misty, Chena, Mollie, Murphee, Bailey (Dogs) and Pepe, Bubba, JC, and Petey (Birds).

With Special Mention of:

“Chena,” Our ‘Alaskan Sourdough’ and petite field English Springer Spaniel [April 1989-September 2006].

“Our Dog of a Lifetime.”

Your exuberance, intelligence, energy, humor, incredible beauty, playfulness, vibrant personality, “smilng” face, and deep and abiding love and devotion to us live so vividly in our memories, that you are still here with us, Girl.  And,

“Murphee,” also known as “Big Baby” and “Biggun,” Our Terrier-Mix Shelter Dog [May 1998-January 2012].

It was you, Girl, who disproved the notion that one could have ‘only one’ Dog of a Lifetime.

Your sweetness, intelligence, low-key, meek and gentle ways, wonderful personality, unique and adorable little mannerisms, your beautiful face, and your intense love and devotion to us, stay with us everyday.  You, too, never left us.

“Thank you all, for the years of joy and unconditional love that you gave us.  You’ll be in our hearts . . . Always.”


About HiddenNPlainSight

Avid Dog Lover, Musician [Piano, Euphonium, Alto Clarinet] Currently Reside In The United States With My Husband And Our 'Special Needs' English Springer Spaniel. Political Blogging Style Emphasizes Policy And Ideology, Rather Than Partisan Politics. My Avatar Is Our "Second Dog Of A Lifetime"--Murphee.
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2 Responses to Let’s Celebrate Our Pets

  1. I’d like to thank the four bloggers above, who gave my first diary here “a rec or like.”

    Couldn’t help but notice that at least one blogger, appears to be holding a dog, LOL!

    Thanks to you all. 🙂

  2. Hey, guys–thanks for the additional ‘likes.’

    It is very gratifying to be able to share the love of one’s pets, with other (presumably) pet lovers. 🙂

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