Video: “Comic Relief” for Dog Lovers!

Yeah, I know.

This is probably one of the “silliest” videos you’ll ever find on YouTube, or on anyone’s blog.

That’s a given.

But as a major dog lover, I must admit that this clip of “Mishka the Husky” always brings a smile to my face, when I’m really feeling low or discouraged.

Hope it does the same for you . . .

[Video Credit: Husky Dog Talking – “I love you,” gardea23, YouTube, 0:48]


About HiddenNPlainSight

Avid Dog Lover, Musician [Piano, Euphonium, Alto Clarinet] Currently Reside In The United States With My Husband And Our 'Special Needs' English Springer Spaniel. Political Blogging Style Emphasizes Policy And Ideology, Rather Than Partisan Politics. My Avatar Is Our "Second Dog Of A Lifetime"--Murphee.
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1 Response to Video: “Comic Relief” for Dog Lovers!

  1. Thank you for the “like” or rec, PD.

    Look forward to following Piper Dog’s adventures. 😉

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