In Remembrance Of ‘Mr John’ — The Impossible Dream

In remembrance of Mr John, I dedicate this lovely rendition of “The Impossible Dream,” performed by baritone extraordinaire Brian Stokes Mitchell, accompanied by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Mr John,

I can think of no other song that better embodies your character, or the way that you lived your life.

To my ears, your wonderfully rich and resonant bass voice was every bit as powerful and distinctive as Mr. Mitchell’s beautiful baritone voice.

And it was a voice befitting a Gentle Giant who stood 6 feet 7 inches tall, even when the shoulders began to stoop ever so slightly ‘with old age.’

I loved and admired so many of your ways–not least of which was that you appeared to feel no embarrassment when, on occasion during a thunderstorm, your eyes would almost imperceptibly moisten with tears as you remembered and spoke fondly of the family dog who had always been terrified of thunder.

Your love for all living creatures, especially your fondness for dogs, was one of the greatest gifts that you imparted to those around you.

And I thank you for it.

You’ll live forever in our hearts, Daddy.

[Video Credit: Impossible Dream – Brian Stokes Mitchell, BestArts – Music, YouTube, 03:46]


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Avid Dog Lover, Musician [Piano, Euphonium, Alto Clarinet] Currently Reside In The United States With My Husband And Our 'Special Needs' English Springer Spaniel. Political Blogging Style Emphasizes Policy And Ideology, Rather Than Partisan Politics. My Avatar Is Our "Second Dog Of A Lifetime"--Murphee.
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